Notes from studio: about collaged old book covers

It is hard to say where the ideas for projects come from. I believe, after watching my toddler rip cover off of an old book, might have been Curious George, I felt sad to see the beautiful cloth covered book cover broken. But it could be my long time preoccupation with old books in general … Continue reading

Thoughts on my (self-)studies on printmaking 2013-2015

In 2013, after working mainly with etchings and dry points, I started relief printing on wood, rubber blocks, and linoleum. Partly because at the time I did not have access to printing press and did not want to use harmful chemicals anymore. I started designing block prints for fabric printing purpose and that is how BLOCKprintedArt … Continue reading

To Mamma Ida,

Mamma Ida, is how my Estonian great-grandmother was called among family, she was kind, humorous, and always making something.   There are few of her handmade things that I own and cherish as special heirlooms: tablecloths, her blouse, mittens and socks  she made for her grandchildren. She didn’t try to line all the stitches evenly … Continue reading

How we made my BLOCKprintedArt label

I am an artist, illustrator and printmaker who enjoys well designed things. For a year I worked hard and had fun (!) designing my printing blocks for fabric but I felt I needed help with designing labels for my cards and printed fabric. I asked my designer friend to help me out – Liis Simon designed … Continue reading

Imprimatur in NYC

The talk for book makers and story tellers Imprimatur Unbinding the Book was a nice little event. The presenters were designers, makers and breakers (Brian Dettmer) of books; the idea that stayed with me from Brian’s talk was that book being rid from its original purpose due information being digitized could be completely redefined. The … Continue reading


MFA Thesis Exhibition at Blue Mountain Gallery, taken during the opening night in June 2013

Emerging Artists: WCSU MFA Thesis Ehxhibition in NYC * JUNE 18 – JULY 6, 2013 *

Blue Mountain gallery in NYC will host WCSU 2013 MFA Thesis Ehxhibition. More on this show will be posted soon. I will be showing the book page drawings from the past three years. But you can read the short intoroductions to every artist in here:

My first self-published illustrated essay Nature and Technology

My first self-published book Nature and Technology is now available through Blurb bookstore; I will be selling a limited edition of 50 copies. The new book and original illustrations are on the show at the WCSU Spring 2013 Thesis Exhibition April 4- 15th at Higgins Gallery 181 White Street, Danbury, CT Opening reception April 4, … Continue reading

The Melt, a group show in Danbury, CT

I must share my artist friend Mei-Ling’s great blog post here about the current group show at the Mercurial Gallery that we are both participating as local artists: The Melt The gallery is run by a young woman, a musician and a writer, Amanda Bloom. Amanda works with Katie Bassett, an artist, who has curated … Continue reading

Personal Book Project: Research, Reading, Reflection. Part Two

In spring and summer of 2012 I tried to read as much as possible on physics, technology, and history of science. My personal book project had found its tile by that time – Nature and Technology and the concept of the book had started to from in my mind. I wanted to make images that … Continue reading