Garden as a metaphor

There are many quotes by famous writers comparing thoughtful interactions between people to gardening and feeling of happiness to blossoming. It’s the end of February and the New England spring is officially about to start in few weeks. The thoughts of gardening are on my mind again. Literally. What to grow this year? Would I need … Continue reading


The other night, when laying my son to bed, and probably thinking of the overgrown area at the edge of the track, where we had seen a bunny rabbit that morning, I came to realize that I was deeply connected to the word ‘wildness’. Overgrown, unruly, layered, no straight line, and letting change and chance … Continue reading

Artist-Parent = Parent-Artist

It was last year, an artist (and parent), Balam Soto, posted on his Facebook page a question: ‘Do what you like? or Like what you do?’ – and within a second the reply formed in my mind which I typed as my reply to his post – ‘Both are unavoidable’. My reply clearly (to me) was about … Continue reading

Personal Book Project: Research, Reading, Reflection. Part Two

In spring and summer of 2012 I tried to read as much as possible on physics, technology, and history of science. My personal book project had found its tile by that time – Nature and Technology and the concept of the book had started to from in my mind. I wanted to make images that … Continue reading

Personal Book Project: technique verus concept. Part One

I had a dream about a huge bird in summer 2011, right before I started the first semester in the graduate program in Illustration. The following week I found a picture by Max Ernst (from his ‘collage novel’ ” A Week of Kindness”, 1934) and suddenly knew I wanted to study artist books as part … Continue reading

OUT with the Year 2011 & IN with the New Year 2012 in Arts

“Self Observed”, a juried art show, November 18th, 2011 – January 22nd, 2012 at the North Carolina Museum of Art. My oil painting “Communication” (2009) is on show at the NCMA. The nc artblog has written about the show, read here. The City Center of Danbury selected the drawing I entered to the contest for … Continue reading

Innovation and playfulness go hand in hand

The new show GROUNDBREAKING will open in the Higgins Gallery 10/20/2011 in Western Connecticut State University. I was lucky to be taking part of the process of hanging and co-curating the show along with about 10 other students. The show is curated by Darby Cardonsky; we were asked by Darby to think about the word ‘groundbreaking’: … Continue reading

A good evening to start a WordPress site

… my art portfolio is now here on the WordPress web site.