Dyeing fabric with black walnuts

How I made dye and ink from black walnuts and what I learned about the black walnut dye


Being annoyed by pilling shirts and dirty airports – about materials.

Choice of materials we use in buildings and fashion can help reduce waste.


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Beauty * Usefulness

I drove over the hills, past the farms, fields and woods of beautiful New England today to deliver my hand printed work to the holiday show at Washington Artist Association in Washington, Connecticut. It is almost the stick season here with few trees still holding on to their golden yellow and brown leaves. Red berries … Continue reading

How we made my BLOCKprintedArt label

I am an artist, illustrator and printmaker who enjoys well designed things. For a year I worked hard and had fun (!) designing my printing blocks for fabric but I felt I needed help with designing labels for my cards and printed fabric. I asked my designer friend to help me out – Liis Simon┬ádesigned … Continue reading