As a child I used to ‘people-watch’ from my parent’s car while they were running errands. I found it entertaining, and liked to guess what the passers-by were thinking, or where they were going. I have always been an observer; yet my biggest wish has been to be able to participate and be part of these events and stories I hear about. 

Layers of meaning and different methods of making. Overgrown, unruly, no straight line – my work on paper and fabric is technically always in between letting a chance create marks and me making controlled marks. My work is about wildness, memories, and preserving my identity. It is about feelings and experiences with the world. I often use symbols to interpret the world around me. The symbols are personal, yet I search to create a visual language that could be understood by many people. My most personal images are about loneliness and struggle with immediate environment. I believe all living things are connected as one; life is about finding or fighting the connections that are there.

Karin Mansberg BIO

Born in Estonia. Studied Art History and Criticism in the Estonian Academy of Art in Tallinn, Estonia (1996-99). During the studies in the Western Connecticut State University (2008-2013) became interested in printmaking. Since 2002 has been exhibiting in various group and juried shows in Connecticut, New York City, and in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since 2014 has been designing block printed fabric and accessories under the label BLOCKprintedArt.

Written by J.Sanders Eaton about my illustrations in the WCSU MFA Thesis Exhibition, published in Gallery&Studio Vol.15 No.5:

“Karin Mansberg, the sole illustrator in this excellent thesis exhibition has obviously intergrated the aesthetic sophistication stressed at WCSU into her rendering repertoire, judging form her mixed media and digital collage, “Man Taming Technology Beast, ” a fanciful image of a wild animal trainer making a monstrously huger-than-life bengal tiger leap through a suitably oversized hoop./…/ Like her painter colleagues, Mansberg applies her uniquely subjective vision – in her case infulenced by surrealism – to her chosen artistic discipline.”

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