Artist-Parent = Parent-Artist

It was last year, an artist (and parent), Balam Soto, posted on his Facebook page a question: ‘Do what you like? or Like what you do?’ – and within a second the reply formed in my mind which I typed as my reply to his post – ‘Both are unavoidable’. My reply clearly (to me) was about being a parent-artist or artist-parent.

I cannot choose which of the hyphenated words to put on the first place. I am an artist. I am a parent. It is an understanding that came to me over many years and crystallized in 2015.
After I received my MFA in Illustration in 2013, making my art outside the walls of art school became a daily quest. I was free at last to do whatever I wanted. Almost. In the same year of graduation my son was born. (My first child was born a year before I entered art school…and that was years before my MFA studies. So I had an experience of being a parent-artist already.) The truth is being an art student is not the same as (wanting to be) being a professional artist.

Well, it took me a year to calm down and understand that there should be no diffenece which part of me: parent or artist should get more attention. It is a beautiful thing to be a parent and it has not stopped me from creating a separate world for myself with my art.

In 2016 I would like to write/think more about creating art with kids. How to manage studio time – per day, week, or month?  While raising a toddler would planning art goals in years (months?) rather than weeks be more realistic? I would be interested to talk to artist who have small children and grown-up children and hear their stories.

You can follow my creative journey on Facebook or Instagram ‘at’ karin.mansberg

Inspirational, healthy, and peaceful new year to everyone.



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