Art patches

art patches collage

Art of Art Patches

When I draw with my children I have the most fun making images. No worries about how or what to draw just let your hand run wild across paper. When I started to make art patches I felt I was having fun and not taking myself too seriously. So I have been making these little patches whenever I play in my studio. There is also another important aspect besides play when I make them: it’s about reusing excisting materials.

Being conscious about waste in general I up-cycle and reuse. Making art patches is collaging with my left over test block printed fabric pieces and ‘drawing’ in some more details by stitching with colorful threads. All the thread I use comes from my mother – as long as I can remember she has been making crochet lace –  she has many pools of left over cotton thread, which I love taking off of her hands.

About hundred plus years ago patching up a hole in a piece of garment was one of those regular household tasks. It might be aesthetically not acceptable anymore to wear patched up clothes but I think a patch can be cleverly worked into a design and no one would suspect it is covering a hole or stain.

And patches don’t really have to cover imperfections they can just be added to plain looking items as decorations. They are wearable art 🙂



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