Thoughts on my (self-)studies on printmaking 2013-2015

In 2013, after working mainly with etchings and dry points, I started relief printing on wood, rubber blocks, and linoleum. Partly because at the time I did not have access to printing press and did not want to use harmful chemicals anymore. I started designing block prints for fabric printing purpose and that is how BLOCKprintedArt project was born. Printing on fabric and designing house hold items for my project has been exciting for me as an illustrator: audience and feedback for my art increased after opening an Etsy store that is for sure.


On editions of prints and production…Printing large editions has never been what I am interested in. Most of the items and prints that I make are small editions. I approach printmaking similar to drawing/painting and I do often draw over etchings or make block prints onto painted paper creating one of a kind images rather than editions. I enjoy making few one of a kind cards, I think of them as mini prints. It does not fit well with idea of running a business but it satisfies the artist in me. The artist in me enjoys making things by hand. I get to mix the colors, roll out the ink and print every block one at a time for each order of a kitchen towel or when I print fabric for myself. But for large order of cards or party invitations the digital printing would make more sense of course.

After my son was year and half I was in need to find some creative time for my inner artist. In 2015 I took a weekend class in mono printing with Anthony Kirk. After few first quick prints on cardboard, drawn with water based crayons and inks, I learned that mono type printing is more like sketching. Also in about every four prints I was pleased with one of them – most likely it being due to fastness and newness of the process to me. I did not draw images as carefully on a mono print plate as I would carve into wood or linoleum. After few weeks I learned to slow down a little as I was paying attention to the nature of the marks that crayon makes versus brush or tips of my fingers dragged over the surface. I fell in love with the spontaneity of mono printing for sure.

I just have updated the PRINTS section of my blog with my mono types printed this spring.

Take a look… you may, if you feel like, let me know what you think.


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