To Mamma Ida,

Mamma Ida, is how my Estonian great-grandmother was called among family, she was kind, humorous, and always making something.


imageThere are few of her handmade things that I own and cherish as special heirlooms: tablecloths, her blouse, mittens and socks  she made for her grandchildren. She didn’t try to line all the stitches evenly or use the thread that matched the color of fabric. She loved to mix up the flowers into a wild bunch (as my mother remembers it); and flowers were always at her table.
imageMamma has been an inspiration. Memory of her kitchen and her telling me about the birds outside is what I think is my very first memory. She taught me to knit and crochet, and about patience and kindness. Peppermint tea, rice with milk, pealing a potato without braking the spiraling peal, summer flowers, mismatched things, birds and big fluffy clouds remind me of her.



In honor of mamma’s creative talent I have recently finished woodblock and linoleum block prints inspired by her tablecloth’s flower designs. I have made several prints and a painting of her. This is the first time I am tracing her footsteps as a maker of house hold items.








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