How we made my BLOCKprintedArt label

I am an artist, illustrator and printmaker who enjoys well designed things. For a year I worked hard and had fun (!) designing my printing blocks for fabric but I felt I needed help with designing labels for my cards and printed fabric.

I asked my designer friend to help me out – Liis Simon designed the label for my BLOCKprintedArt. I am so glad I asked professional graphic designer’s help. This is why: whenever I designed or sketched out my ideas for labels, I felt I was emotionally too attached to the image. As an artist I am used to follow my inner voice, especially at the start of any image making process. For designing a label I needed to measure and follow a some sort of grid to organize elements but I would rather go wild throwing things together. Me and Liis discussed label ideas over dinner, when she said she saw handwritten text on my label. I went home and I filled few pages in my sketch book with words ‘block printed art’; it took few more days until one day after breakfast I scribbled the words again and the placement of each word just looked perfect. BlockPrintedArt handwritten

I emailed the scanned paper to Liis. She also found a type face that called out ‘printmaking’ to her. After trial the handwritten text didn’t work and we ended up using the found type face with my placement of words. Even that I was emotionally attached to my handwritten lettering it did not work technically. One can never underestimate a second pair of eyes and additional ideas. I love collaborative work because sharing joy of making is always invigorating to me.


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