Personal Book Project: Research, Reading, Reflection. Part Two

In spring and summer of 2012 I tried to read as much as possible on physics, technology, and history of science. My personal book project had found its tile by that time – Nature and Technology and the concept of the book had started to from in my mind. I wanted to make images that reflect nature’s importance in the world. I also love technology. There has been (I am not sure if it is so at this point in history) a certain belief that technology and nature are opposites. Yet they influence each other. The relationship between the two of them is what I wanted to illustrate.

Research and reading help to make stronger images. After reading I write down things that interest me: the text can offer new concepts and refine existing ideas. Reading and writing is the reflection period for me before I start to draw. Conversations with other artists and critiques on my work have also helped to shape my book. In comparison to reading, conversations usually tend to point towards new avenues in creative filed or to works similar by other artists.


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