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Dyeing fabric with black walnuts

How I made dye and ink from black walnuts and what I learned about the black walnut dye

Being annoyed by pilling shirts and dirty airports – about materials.

Choice of materials we use in buildings and fashion can help reduce waste.

Art show coming soon – this fall

This year I am participating in the Accessible Art Project organized by Lisa Scales, the director of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, she has been paring local artists and businesses for several years now to showcase art. I am happy to be showing my monoprints and the latest fabric collages this fall at Mothership On Main, … Continue reading

Illustration portfolio of Karin Mansberg

Garden as a metaphor

There are many quotes by famous writers comparing thoughtful interactions between people to gardening and feeling of happiness to blossoming. It’s the end of February and the New England spring is officially about to start in few weeks. The thoughts of gardening are on my mind again. Literally. What to grow this year? Would I need … Continue reading

Beauty * Usefulness

I drove over the hills, past the farms, fields and woods of beautiful New England today to deliver my hand printed work to the holiday show at Washington Artist Association in Washington, Connecticut. It is almost the stick season here with few trees still holding on to their golden yellow and brown leaves. Red berries … Continue reading


The other night, when laying my son to bed, and probably thinking of the overgrown area at the edge of the track, where we had seen a bunny rabbit that morning, I came to realize that I was deeply connected to the word ‘wildness’. Overgrown, unruly, layered, no straight line, and letting change and chance … Continue reading

I have been accepted as an artist member at the Gallery 25 in New Milford, Connecticut

In the beginning of this year I was accepted as a member artist at the Gallery 25 in New Milford, Connecticut. I am currently displaying my hand printed towels, pillow covers, fabric coasters and my mono print Fern in Woods as part of the gallery’s March Madness show. The Gallery 25 has around 20 members: many painters, glass artists, … Continue reading

Artist-Parent = Parent-Artist

It was last year, an artist (and parent), Balam Soto, posted on his Facebook page a question: ‘Do what you like? or Like what you do?’ – and within a second the reply formed in my mind which I typed as my reply to his post – ‘Both are unavoidable’. My reply clearly (to me) was about … Continue reading